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Proposed Desalination Plants In California Means More Job Opportunities

More positive news for those interested in a career in water treatment technology! The Pacific Institute of Oakland, CA, a nonprofit environmental research and policy group, recently published a report on proposed desalination plants in the state. Per the report, as of July 2012, there are 17 seawater desalination plants proposed for development along the California coast with a total combined capacity ranging from 390 to 570 million gallons per day! If all of these plants were built and fully utilized, seawater desalination would supply 5% 7% of average urban water demand that existed in California between the years 2000 and 2005.* Paste this link into your browser window to see a map of these proposed sites:

California offers tremendous opportunity for WTTI students to begin an exciting and rewarding
career in water treatment! From San Diego up to the Bay Area, water desalination facilities are
on the agenda for construction and production, and they will all require qualified water treatment professionals trained by the best – WTTI’s Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Technician Program (ROTP)! And, please keep in mind that these are just in California — In our upcoming posts, we will try to give you some indication of the global demand for water treatment professionals.

Stay tuned!

*Cooley, Heather and Donnelly, Kristina. Key Issues in Seawater Desalination in California:
Proposed Seawater Desalination Facilities, Oakland, CA: The Pacific Institute, July 2012.

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