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Happy 2013!

Happy 2013!

Our goal is to provide information on the latest developments in water treatment technology to potential students, faculty, staff, and those interested in the water treatment industry on a regular basis.

We have exciting news from California for everyone interested in a water treatment career! The largest desalination plant in the United States will be built and maintained in Carlsbad, San Diego County. Operations commence in a couple of years and will supply 54 million gallons of drinkable water every day to help mitigate Southern CA’s ongoing water shortage problem. San Diego is committed to providing seven percent of the region’s water through desalination by 2020. IDE Americas, a subsidiary of IDE Technologies Israel, is spearheading the planning and construction of the plant. The site will employ IDE’s reverse osmosis technology, because it is more energy efficient and environmentally
friendly. IDE’s CEO stated he believes that the project will, “set the stage for the future of desalination in America.” This is a very prophetic statement in that it implies increasing demand for water treatment facilities in the U.S. and consequently for water treatment professionals needed to operate and maintain those installations.

This is great news for WTTI students because WTTI trains future water treatment professionals in the reverse osmosis methodology! Graduates of the ROTP have a tremendous opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a brand new state-of-the-art water treatment facility and launch a career in a critically important industry. For those of you who want to re-locate to sunny southern CA, here’s your chance to make that happen!

We will keep you apprised of the latest developments in the construction and operation of this landmark treatment facility as they unfold.

Darrell Cunningham has been with DHP, Inc. and WTTI for more than eleven years. Before joining DHP, Darrell spent four years as a production manager for Sofsource, a software publishing company specializing in education software. Darrell joined DHP in 2000 as a multimedia training specialist. He has developed hundreds of online training units for DHP as well as 3D animations and other training content. Darrell became the Marketing Manager and Career Placement Coordinator for WTTI in 2008. He also builds the software used in the Reverse Osmosis Water Technician Program. Darrell lives in Farmington, NM with his wife and eight children. He enjoys fishing and Young America Football League games.

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